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  • Prenatal Intake Appointment

    After your prenatal interview and/or consultation, we complete a full prenatal intake appointment considered as your Initial Obstetric appointment. Please book a Virtual Prenatal Consultation and confirm if you’re a good candidate before scheduling this appointment.

  • Well-Person/Well-Woman Exam

    Formerly known as an annual exam, contact us to schedule an assessment of your reproductive health.

  • Virtual Prenatal Consultation

    We're here to answer your prenatal questions or concerns about an out of hospital birth experience.

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  • Featured Article in Voyage Dallas

    The Spiritual Midwife was a featured article in Voyage Dallas. If you haven't had a chance to read it, please read it here. Here is the link:

  • Ode To Natural Birth

    You can birth here, you can birth there.... You can birth anywhere! On the floor By the couch In your bed In your house! Next to your spouse. On the birthing ball, a bouncing you will go With a peanut ball, rotating baby's head some more. Dancing and swaying Chanting, moaning and singing All day or several days With no one or all of your family around mingling. When a birther is given options and a choice Birth will happen miraculously from the Source The baby will be so much happier and at ease Because their mom will feel like the super human she is and see That its quite normal and safe To birth here, birth there, ... Birth anywhere! By Adrian Mariset Mills

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  • Obstetrical Care | thespiritualmidwife

    Obstetrical Care Pregnancy is often the only time a woman seeks medical care. Let this precious time in your life be one of joy. Our clinic offers: Preconception consultation and counseling Prenatal and postpartum care Genetic and carrier screening Vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) Collaboration and Consultation with Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor/OBGYN as needed Out of Hospital Births : Specializing in Safe Home Births Home Visits before and after Home Birth ​ ​ Our practice follows the routine prenatal schedule wherein the client will attend visits at our office monthly until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks from 30 weeks - 36 weeks and weekly from 36 weeks until birth. ​ We will begin care for expectant mothers as soon as 8 weeks.

  • Teen Health | thespiritualmidwife

    Teen Health It is my love and joy to educate the next generation. We also offer reproductive health education to young women starting at the age of 12 by encouraging healthy habits for optimal health and lifestyle (i.e. prevention of reproductive health complications such as Endometriosis or fibroid tumors) providing information about Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases teaching about Womb Wellness testing and treatment for Female Athlete Triad ​ ​ Promoting good health habits at an early age has proven to have a lasting effect on long-term health outcomes, reducing the risk of familial diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease. ​ Our goal is to reduce these health concerns particularly affecting BIPOC, minority and disadvantaged communities.

  • Client Portal | thespiritualmidwife

    Welcome to the Client Portal, Connect with us on the online With Client Portal you can access your Electronic Health Record 24/7 and connect with us through a convenient, safe and secure environment. ​ CLICK THE LINK BELOW

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